What To Expect

It can be terrifying attending a new church for the first time. We understand that and we strive to be as hospitable and welcoming as possible. One of the first questions on your mind may be, “What am I supposed to wear?” We do have some people who dress in a formal manner for our services but the vast majority of people wear “street” clothes. Our pastor generally preaches in jeans and a T-shirt so regardless of what you wear, you will fit in!

As you come to your first service, you will see banners outside that point you to the correct parking lot. The Garretson school has two parking lots and the one we use is considered the “Game Entrance.” As you enter into the parking lot, you will notice that we leave the “best spots” in the front available for our guests. We intentionally encourage our regulars to park in the back so that there’s always room for first time guests! As you walk up to the school, you will be greeted by one or two outdoor greeters. These people will welcome you, hold the door, and answer any questions you have.

As you enter into the school, you will be welcomed by a coffee bar with fresh coffee and snacks (usually cookies or home-made bakery goods). Above the coffee bar, you will see a large sign that directs you to the various areas in the church. The three main areas are summarized below:

  1. Children’s Church: This is directly to the right in the “new gym.” Children between the age of 4 to the fifth grade will be dismissed before the message for children’s church. This is a high-energy environment that helps children understand how to follow Jesus. Although we encourage children to attend, we will never force them to attend. If you are more comfortable with keeping your children in the service, that is completely fine.
  2. Nursery: We have a fully staffed nursery for the entire service for children between ages 0 and 3 years old. Each nursery volunteer has undergone a background check and is trained to work with children. The nursery has toys, books, and other material to help children interact and learn about God. These toys are disinfected on a regular basis to make sure everything stays clean. Once again, if you are more comfortable keeping your children in the service, that is also okay!
  3. Worship Center: We meet for the worship service in what is considered the “old gym” at the school. Don’t worry, there are signs that direct you to the correct area. As you enter, you will be greeted by high-energy music. As we move closer to 10am, we will display a 5-minute countdown to inform people that the service will be starting soon!

Generally, we begin our services with a band on stage. The band leads the church in singing a few different songs that focus on Jesus. After the band is done, a pastor (usually Tyler Ramsbey) will share a sermon that is rooted in a specific passage of the Bible and explain how it applies to our lives today. The sermon generally lasts 30 – 40 minutes long and is filled with humor and practical applications.

Each one of our services begins at 10am and lasts until roughly 11:15am. If you have any questions or would like to meet with a pastor before the service, visit our Contact Us page!